Earn guaranteed income from your property while you’re away (even on a weekend trip)

  From only 2 nights to 12 months availability required

 Keys, linen, cleaning and insurance - all sorted by Leavy

Or call us: +44 203 966 5788

 Free to join, absolutely no management fee

 Guaranteed fixed income

Why choose Leavy?

No surprises

Your rent, mortgage and bills are guaranteed - even if we don't find guests to stay in your home.

Get paid as you leave

Most rental platforms and agencies pay only after you have returned home. With Leavy, you are paid at the start of your trip, so that you can enjoy it immediately. How you choose to spend it is up to you!

Enjoy a stress-free trip 

Sit back and relax. The Host-on-Demand takes care of both your home and your guests - leaving you to focus exclusively on what matters while away. 

How does it work?

Simply tell us how long you are away for and if you have any special requests for the upkeep of your home. From watering your plants to storing away precious items, we want to know what's important to you. We can even give you an update on your home during your trip!


Hand over your keys to Leavy and go on holiday.


Get paid upfront for your home, regardless if guests stay or not.


Your Host-on-Demand takes care of everything else. 

Why others choose us

"Great service. I had to leave my flat for 4 months for work and they took care of it without asking for a cent! Just go for them, don’t even question it"

Matteo Posanzini

At Leavy, your home is cared for as if it was our own. Our Host-on-Demands are known for their impeccable service to your guests and their keen eye for cleanliness. When you arrive back home, it will feel as if no one was ever there. 

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